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JUNE 2018 - Healthy Living | Summer Allergies 

At Champion Chem-Dry in San Diego we don’t just clean carpets-- we help protect the background to your life. Our revolutionary approach to carpet clean in the healthiest way. Creating space where your family can thrive is what Champion Chem-Dry is about.

Following these steps can help you avoid fall allergies this season and will be a critical part of enjoying this time of year... [Continue Reading]


July 7, 2016 - Green Cleaning

For over two full decades, Chem-Dry continues to provide carpet and upholstery cleaning with low effect on the environment applying our safe and non-toxic cleaning solution, The Natural®. Our technique is replicated from Mother Nature, as a result it refreshes and cleanses carpets without using severe chemicals. Our persistence for being GREEN doesn't stop there. We use one-fifth the volume of water during our cleaning technique than our business competitors have to use. This not merely lowers our effect on environmental surroundings, it assures a healthier, greener home. Compare this to steam cleaners which require gallons of water and unpleasant chemicals.  

May 26, 2016 -  World Famous® Professional Strength Spot Remover

Stains and spills are an everyday part of life and mishaps happen.  It's important to remember that if the wrong chemicals are used when trying to remove the stain, it could actually lock the stain in more, making it more difficult to remove.  If you have a troublesome stain that won't come out in your home or commercial building our World Famous® Professional Strength Spot Remover is the best option to use...(Click to read more)


2/15/2016-Flu Season? No Problem!

We’re smack dab in the middle of cold and flu season and its amazing what a few simple steps can do to protect the flu from hitting our homes.  Carpet cleaning may seem like a weird step to take however at Chem-Dry our process removes 89% of airborne bacteria and dirt, allergens, and germs.  Consider a carpet cleaning in San Diego and surrounding areas to keep the flu at bay!

1/20/2016-New Year, Fresh Healthy Home!

At Champion Chem-Dry we're here to wish you the happiest New Year and offer some of our favorite tips on helping your house feel cleaner and stay healthier this year!  Don't forget to give us a call and get your professional carpet cleaning in San Diego appointment scheduled to kick the year off right!



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