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When you're looking for quality carpet cleaning in San Diego, CA you can be sure that the best choice is with Champion Chem-Dry. Here at Champion Chem-Dry we utilize the innovative methods to extract more dirt and grime from your carpets than traditional steam cleaners. We use the Power of Carbonation to give your carpets an outstanding clean that gives them a longer lasting life. Our carbonated cleansing process uses 80% less water, which we know is important to the San Diego community, and allows your carpet to dry easier and faster so that mildew and mold don't grow in your carpets and rugs. Invest in your carpets and give us a call today!


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Champion Chem-Dry - A Healthier Clean

Champion Chem-Dry realizes that everyday living in San Diego, CA becomes hectic. Our technicians have carpet cleaning expertise to provide you with the most beneficial option for cleaning your carpets right the first time. The carpet cleaning service we offer is designed to save you both time and money. Overtime, dirt, dust, and bacteria accumulate after time and get trapped in the fibers of the carpet leaving dirty which is unhealthy for your indoor air quality. Eliminating up to 98% of allergens and 89% of airborne microorganisms helping improve the indoor air quality. The core remedy of our carpet cleaning products is The Natural®, which is 100% non-toxic and won't cause irritation for allergen individuals. Our innovative solutions are proven and customer trusted. A rejuvenating clean from our qualified carpet cleaners will leave you with a healthier home in San Diego.



Champion Chem-Dry - A Deeper Clean

Remaining a part of the San Diego local community here at Champion Chem-Dry, it is our goal to assure you that our carpet cleaning service is the best you can find in all of the San Diego area and to reassure you that you are choosing a reliable service. We clean through the power of carbonation which explodes the embedded grime and trapped substances inside your carpets and rug fabric that lifts it up towards the surface for a deeper longer lasting clean, as opposed to forcing the solution down more. Our upholstery cleaning solutions offer the most powerful washing method for maximum dirt and grime elimination. Envision numerous carbonated bubbles breaking through the fibers deep down in the carpeting, exploding the allergens and debris lifting them up towards the surface. We have been very pleased to utilize the PowerHead® cleaning system on each job and we are positive that our competition can’t go over our capability to clean your carpets and rugs and keep a proper, speedy drying time of 1-2 hours.  Professional carpet cleaning will give you a healthier home, it also extends the life of your carpeting, for the deeper clean you've been looking for.

Champion Chem-Dry - A Drier Clean

The longer your carpets remain moist the chance of mold and mildew increases.  Our own carpet cleaning strategies generally take 1-2 hours to dry, compared to other competitors that require 1-2 days.  We want to speed up the drying process for that reason this is why we use our HCE carpet cleaning method that utilizes 80% less water so drying time is significantly quicker. The Hot Carbonation Extraction (HCE) procedure offers a drier and deeper clean for your home in San Diego. We don't want to be a hassle to you, so that is why Chem-Dry has engineered a way to dry quicker and clean just as efficiently. Speedier cleaning and quicker drying times enhances our efficiency meaning you can get back to normal life again sooner with drier carpets. If you have any questions about anything while we are at your home just ask, we will be more than happy to explain our procedures and cleaning solutions. Mishaps are a part of life and we want to help you be ready for them when they happen especially after you've gotten your carpet cleaned. While you are making an appointment inquire about our carpet Protectant ®. We apply it, so that stains and spills avoid getting ingrained into the fibers, this helps make the stain much easier to clean up. 

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Bedroom, Dining Room, Family Room, Home Office, Kitchen, Living Room = $45.00

Stair (# of individual steps) = $3.00

Stair Landing = $5.00

Hall = $35.00

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